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Flathead Valley Community College

Brenda Rudolph

The Health Information Technology: Implementation and Maintenance Specialist Certificate is targeted to professionals already working in a health-related or technology field. We offer two tracks: Information Technology or Health Care. Both track option require a total of 19 credits. Upon completion of certificate coursework, graduates will:

  • Work with data flows across Health IT systems;
  • Migrate data to an electronic health record (EHR);
  • Evaluate EHR systems to select the EHR most appropriate to an organization and clinical setting;
  • Apply regulatory policies to ensure safety of data; and
  • Design and implement a plan to install a Health IT system.

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montana tech

Charie Faught

Montana Tech’s degree is the first undergraduate program in Health Care Informatics in the United States and offers both Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science levels. Additionally, we offer a graduate certificate, a Health Informatics Technology certificate, and a minor. Montana Tech’s program is unique in several ways. First, all of our instructors have industry experience. Second, we offer courses at all levels depending on a student’s need. Third, our approach is practical, with students learning different systems and concepts in a progression of courses. Last but not least, our placement rate is continuously high. In addition to our student centered focus, we strive to improve our program and work to build relationships with healthcare providers to address their changing needs. Further information is available at our website.

MSU Great Falls College

Kathryn Peterson

The Healthcare Informatics Tech Professional Certificate program has been developed in response to an estimated need for 10,000 new Health Information Technology professionals to assist in the transition of the nation’s health information management from paper-based systems to electronic medical record applications and other, higher-level, systems of health information exchange. The Professional Certificate program is intended to target technology professionals and recent graduates of technology/CS programs who are transitioning to work in the healthcare system or allied health and healthcare professionals who currently work in the healthcare delivery system, but who are transitioning to Health Information Technology implementation and sup-port roles. Both information technology and healthcare have relatively high “barriers to entry” and the professional certificate will provide an orientation to multiple aspects of the healthcare industry and healthcare informatics for these trainees. Further information is available at our website.

U of MT

Tom Gallagher, Chairman

The Health IT Professional Certificate is offered through the Department of Applied Computing and Electronics at the University of Montana on the Missoula College campus. It provides an interdisciplinary educational approach based upon coursework from the Nursing, Allied Health Professions/Medical Services, Computer Science, Health Information Technology and Information Technology Systems disciplines. The program has tracks of study for individuals with a background in health professions or computing-related fields.

The Professional Certificate requires completion of 13-18 credits and is available through an asynchronous, remote environment using an online learning management system to accommodate the incumbent worker. Courses are available Autumn, Spring, and Summer terms. Further information is available at our website.