About Us

The MT Rural Health IT Network supports a robust HIT workforce throughout Montana’s rural and frontier healthcare facilities.  We know that many hospitals and clinics struggle to meet required health IT implementation and achieve meaningful use.   Additionally, new healthcare models demand high value and quality reporting.  IT staff members who can generate reports that make sense and aid the facility in moving forward are in high demand.

The Rural HIT Network will support students as they pursue a certificate through one of four colleges in the state.  All certificates are offered online—there is no need to travel or even leave your home or workplace.  And, we know you’re working—we designed our program to cater to the working student.  We anticipate that students will take 6 to 9 credits per semester and then complete the certificate program in 2 to 3 semesters.

Best of all, the Rural HIT Network will support you with tuition, fees and books on a semester by semester basis.  You just need to achieve a “C” or better in your courses!

We have strong support from Critical Access Hospitals, other small rural hospitals and Community Health Centers around the state.  We look forward to moving your career in HIT forward with a new certificate.  We look forward to supporting Healthcare facilities to meet the demands of electronic.  We look forward to supporting quality improvement and improved patient care throughout the state.

Have a look at our education partners and see what they have to offer.  Give them call to make sure it’s a good fit.  Then take the first step and submit your application.  We look forward to working with you!